Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump - 1050GPH Ampliar

Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump - 1050GPH

Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump - 1050GPH

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Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump - 1050GPH Information

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Fully controllable flow pumps include eFlux Flow Pump Manifold with 0-100% flow (controls 1 eFlux Pumps & up to 3 LOOP acces.), inlet strainer, outlet barb fittings, rubber mounting brackets and 24VDC power supply. Fully upgradeable to Bluetooth for mobile device operation.

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eFlux™ controllable DC flow pumps efficiently produce strong water flow with high pressure. Featuring a sealed DC motor and magnetic drive design, eFlux™ flow pumps can be used inline (external) or submersible in both marine and freshwater. Running virtually silent, their versatility makes them the perfect return pump, circulation pump or filtration pump in almost any aquatics application.

  • Quiet operation
  • Up to 65% in energy savings
  • Safe, low voltage, 24VDC
  • LOOP® Compatible

  • Controllable, adjustable flow rate
  • Soft start gently ramps pump to speed
  • Pump actively sends operational feedback to manifold HUB, indicator LEDs display pump status
  • IC electronic detection protects pump if no water is present
  • Connect to LOOP® network and add Feed Mode – idles pump at 30% flow for 10 minutes for feeding
  • Adjustable flow, no ball valves needed
  • Upgradeable to Bluetooth™ for mobile devices

eFlux™ DC Controllable Flow Pumps include: eFlux™ DC flow pump with rubber mounting brackets, molded prefilter assembly, barbed inlet & outlet fittings, LOOP® Pump HUB manifold with flow dial control, micro USB cable, UL® approved 24VDC transformer and instructions.

  • Model: 6009
  • UPC: 842959060090
  • Description: eFlux DC Flow Pump 1050 GPH
  • Flow Range GPH: 210-1050
  • Watts Range: 6-30
  • Max. Head Pressure: 10.5ft. / 3.2m
  • Barb Fittings Included: ½” & ¾”
  • Dimensions: 5.3” x 3.1” x 4.2”
  • Warranty: One Year