Vertex Rx-6D Calcium Reactor Ampliar

Vertex Rx-6D Calcium Reactor

Vertex Rx-6D Calcium Reactor


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ertex Rx-6D Calcium Reactor Information

Vertex RX-C 6D Calcium Reactor
Stable parameters are the key to a successful Reefscape. Calcium, being utilized by a myriad variety of oceanic life forms, including corals and crustaceans, is amongst the most important of these parameters. As the fifth most abundant ion found in natural saltwater, it is absolutely critical that Calcium is kept as a constant. One of the greatest apparatuses we have at our disposal to maintain this parameter is the Calcium Reactor. By dissolving Aragonite-based mediums down to their basic elements, Calcium Reactors allow for a continuous influx of calcium into the system. Vertex Calcium Reactors now bring this potent tool home to you with all the features and qualities you need at values you can easily afford. 

Robust Construction
Vertex Calcium Reactors are made to last; being assembled only with high-grade cast acrylic, titanium screws and heavy-duty PVC parts. All Vertex products are rigorously tested for safety, efficiency and reliability. 

  • Effluent Flow Meter
  • Integrated Bubble Counter
  • Gas Venting Lid
  • Resin-Glued John Guest Fittings
  • Dual-Tiered Secondary Reaction Chamber
  • Built-In pH Probe Port
  • Rated up to 265 Gallons