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Icecap Battery Backup

Icecap Battery Backup


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Icecap Battery Backup Information

Backup Battery for the Event of Power Loss
Hook up your 12v-24v aquarium pump to the IceCap Battery Backup for continuous operation up to 35 hours after the loss of power.
*On average 50w at 30% power single pump/single powercell. 

In the event of a power outage, is your tank protected?

This product is for any serious aquarium hobbyist that wants to protect his or her investment in the case of a power outage. In 4 - 6 hours of no flow within an aquarium can can cause the death of valuable fish and corals. Extreme weather can strike at anytime, and we can’t always predict the outcome. By adding the an IceCap Battery Backup, your tank’s flow will continue for up to ~35 hours after the power goes out (~17 hours for two pumps). Add a second battery backup to double the run time.

Hook your Maxspect Gyre pump to the IceCap Interface module will automatically detect when main power is lost and will slow the gyre the 30% speed to extend the life of the battery. The module is backwards compatible and will run Gyres already on the market.

  • Power Up to 2 Pumps
  • On average 35hr run time*
    *On average 50w at 30% power single pump/single powercell.
  • Connect 2 Battery Backups together and power one pump for double the backup time
  • Ideal Back Up for most 12-24volt pumps*
  • Includes 3 sizes of adapter fittings