Jecod Jebao DCS 12000  Silent Return Pump Ampliar

Jecod Jebao DCS 12000 Silent Return Pump

The DCT Pump was first introduced to the market in 2014 and has now been superseded by the DCS range. Production of the DCS pumps started in August 2015, with a new swirl impellor design which increases the head height by 25% over the old DCT models and has reduced operational noise and vibration too.

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3 072,00 MX$

*High performance motor with innovation electronics. 
*Energy saving of upto 50% compaied to traditional pumps.
*Memory Function for Power Supply Off to recall memory
*10 Speed Mode controller for S Series
*25% increased Max Height compaired to the DCT Pump
*IC Electronic Detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water
*Motor Protection if rotor gets blocked
*Super Quiet Operation
*Can operate in Marine and Fresh Water
*No Copper components
*Wear-resistant Ceramic Shaft for longer operation life
*10 Mins Feed Mode (Or Pause to resume to normal)
*Internal Use Only